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One of the most commonly performed body contouring procedures

Goals of this surgery include:

  1. Improvement in abdominal contour
  2. Creation of natural looking belly button
  3. Correction of abdominal wall laxity
  4. Incision placement that provides a well concealed scar


Am I a good candidate for an abdominoplasty?

An abdominoplasty is not a weight loss procedure. It is designed to improve abdominal contour

Some patients have excess intra-abdominal fat. This will not be addressed with an abdominoplasty and can lead to a residual, round or irregular abdominal contour

Overweight patients have higher rates of complications 

Must have a clear understanding from your surgeon as to what they are realistically able to achieve

For massive weight loss patients, weight should be stabilized for at least 12 months before surgery for optimal results


Which type of an abdominoplasty is right for me?

There are multiple types of abdominoplasty techniques (ex: mini, traditional, fleur-de-lis, reverse)

The surgeon should be able to articulate why they chose their approach based on your body shape

Sometimes to achieve optimal results, both an anterior and posterior approach is needed. This can be performed at the initial operation or staged

Dr. Blumenauer will typically perform liposuction in conjunction with your abdominoplasty for better results