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EMFACE: A Younger Face Without Needles, Surgery, or Fillers

Jan 12, 2024
Can an essentially painless treatment that does not require needles, surgery, or fillers counter the effects of aging? Absolutely. Learn more about EMFACE® and why one of Florida’s top plastic surgeons often recommends it.

EMFACE® is an advanced, non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that uses scientific technology to rejuvenate facial skin and the underlying muscles, improving tone, enhancing natural collagen production, and smoothing away the signs of aging.

Plastic surgeon Brian Blumenauer, MD, and his team at Oceana Aesthetics in Stuart, Florida, specialize in surgical and nonsurgical procedures that offer long-term solutions for aging skin and other cosmetic concerns.

Read why Dr. Blumenauer may recommend EMFACE rather than surgery, peels, or needles to rejuvenate facial skin.

Understanding EMFACE

EMFACE is a cutting-edge treatment platform that combines two powerful technologies to rejuvenate the face and combat the signs of aging: high-intensity focused electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) and synchronized RF (radiofrequency).

HIFES produces 75,000 muscle contractions during a 20-minute EMFACE session, targeting superficial facial muscles involving the upper face (forehead or brow) and muscles in the cheeks that elevate the corners of the mouth and lift the midface. 

At the same time, synchronized RF energy penetrates the skin, warming the tissue enough to stimulate new collagen and elastin growth, two of the building blocks for youthful, toned skin.

EMFACE benefits

The key benefits of EMFACE include:

Being non-invasive

One of the most significant advantages of EMFACE is its non-invasive approach. There are no needles piercing the skin, no incisions, and no need for anesthetic, making it a comfortable and safe option for individuals who want to avoid surgical procedures.

Minimal downtime

Unlike surgical interventions, peels, and other rejuvenating processes that may require weeks to months of recovery, EMFACE treatments require minimal downtime.

Each session takes about 20 minutes, and you can return to your daily routine immediately after a session, making it a convenient choice for those with busy lifestyles.

Natural-looking results

EMFACE promotes the natural production of collagen and elastin, resulting in subtle and natural-looking improvements. The gradual enhancement allows for a refreshed appearance without the risk of an overly artificial or exaggerated look.


EMFACE is versatile and effective in addressing various signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. It’s suitable for multiple areas of the face, providing a comprehensive solution for facial rejuvenation.

Additionally, its dual-action technology improves muscle volume and tone, giving facial tissues more structural support while enhancing natural collagen and elastin production to firm and tighten skin.  

Will I need multiple EMFACE treatments?

Dr. Blumenauer generally recommends four weekly EMFACE sessions followed by annual maintenance treatments. Provided in-house at Oceana Aesthetics, the 20-minute treatments are relaxing and essentially painless.

Because the effects arise from the body’s natural process of rebuilding and repairing tissue structures, it can take three months to experience the full benefits of EMFACE. 

However, with consistent treatments, the effects are long-lasting. Dr. Blumenauer can also design a daily skin care regimen that helps maintain your skin’s youthful appearance between treatments.

To learn more, schedule an evaluation at Oceana Aesthetics today by calling the office or requesting an appointment online.